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ISO-17025 Accredited
STS creates standard lamps and is accredited to calibrate standard lamps for:
Luminous Intensity
Total Luminous Flux
Total Radiant Flux
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10230 Rodney Street
Pineville, NC 28134


STS designs, manufactures, and tests equipment for the lighting metrology industry.

Our attention to turn-around time and solutions has established our footprint in the aerospace, automotive, and naval lighting industries. Our calibrations lab was first to attain Optical Radiation Accreditation by N.I.S.T.
STS Products & Services

Design services for automated test equipment
Testing and calibration of optical radiation, photometrics, radiometrics, and additional quality control metrics and applications
On-site photometric concepts training
Photometric equipment calibration and repair
Calibration procedure verification
Laboratory technician training
Hardware and software trouble-shooting
Telephone and email technical support for your  photometric equipment
Government regulation test interpretation and implementation including: SAE, FMVSS108, ECE test specifications, FAA, ICAO test specifications
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